Immersive Data is the (re-) definition of visual Intelligence for data-driven industries

Hashplay’s Immersive Data uses cutting edge ‘Alternate Reality’ visualization and GPU-driven database technology to turn your data into real-time insights with unparalleled benefits. Deployed on-premise or in the Hashplay cloud, Immersive Data helps businesses and administrations understand data in its context to make better decisions and act on them. Fast.

Please refer to the respective industry solution to see how Immersive Data can help optimize your sector.


The human eyes and brain are wired in a way to perceive patterns and irregularities within visual structures at an enormous speed, in particular when paired with one of our most primordial senses: spatial viewing. Consequently, regardless of the need for additional hardware, we have decided to visualize data primarily in Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Hashplay introduces the “Enterprise Data-Word”, or: a “Dash-space” for BI, OI, and IOT, so to speak, a 3-dimensional space that integrates all sorts of data-sources within an enterprise and presents this data in an immediately and intuitively perceptible way.


Our unique data-drill feature and an exclusive action layer allow users to not only dig deeper into their data but also to take immediate action within the VR space.


Designed for Managers, not Engineers

We empower decision makers to make more informed decisions based on data insights when they need them.

Unique Data Drilling Capability

When something sparks interest in your data and requires a closer look, simply drill down into your data visually in real time

Superior Data Quality and Validation

Say Good-Bye to distributed data warehousing in several places with no common access and no common validation, severely limiting the usability of your data.

Predictive maintenance and deep Learning

Data stored within Immersive Data is processed off- or online by a layer of artificial intelligence, so any irregularities are found and flagged before they become critical.

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